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Archive 2016

Summary 2016
Production Start End Genre
Big Friend Little Friend December February German MOW
Premium Nanny November October German MOW
Tremors 6 November December Feature
Indian Detective October March Canadian/SA TV Series
Tomb Raider October February US/UK Feature
The Crown II October November UK TV Series
Kilimanjaro October November German MOW
Transformers September October US Feature
Stolen Truth aka Secrets August October German MOW
Strange New Things July September UK TV Pilot
The Last Post July January UK TV Series
The Empty Man June August US Feature
24 Hours To Live April July US Feature
Rivonia Trial April May Dutch/SA Feature
Three Way Junction April May German MOW
Call the Midwife Special March April UK TV Special

THE LAST POSTAn eight-part drama set in Aden in 1965 and based on the childhood memories of screenwriter Peter Moffat (The Village). The story of a British Army unit fighting a terrorist insurgency in the Middle East and the women and children who were there with them at a moment in history when sex and feminism arrive in the twentieth century, the sun is going down on the empire and the established order of the 1950's is disappearing.Jonny Campbell
Miranda Bowen
Executive Producers Margery Bone & Elwen Rowlands for Bonafide Films
George Faber & Mark Pybus for The Forge Entertainment
[Film Afrika]
A Priest is sent into space to help found a new colony, but he discovers things that not only put his faith to the test, but life as we know it. The pilot is written by Matt Charman (“Bridge of Spies”)Kevin MacDonaldAmazon Studios and Left Bank Productions co-production.
Andy Harries and Lila Rawlings
Rob Bullock
[Genevieve Hofmeyr- Moonlighting Films]
THE EMPTY MANAn ex-cop, still mourning the death of his wife and son, tries to find a missing girl but becomes aware of a sinister presence around him. Script adapted by David Prior from the graphic novel by Cullen Bunn illustrated by Vanesa R. Del ReyDavid PriorBoom! Studios / 20th Century Fox
[Out of Africa]
October 2016
24 HOURS TO LIVEA career assassin is given a chance at redemption when he is temporarily brought back to life after being killed on the job. Script by Zachary Dean from an original story by Ron Mita and Jim McClain.Brian SmrzFundamental Films (China),
Thunder Road Pictures
Producers Jon Kuyper & Kent Kubena
[Janine Van Assen for Film Afrika]
3 WAY JUNCTIONLondon architect Carl Walters travels to the grand dunes of the Namibian Desert to escape a crushing career disappointment. He soon finds himself stranded, desperately waiting for a ride that never comes. Faced with death from dehydration, Carl learns that to survive, he needs to act, and to do that he needs to radically change his attitude towards life.Juergen BollmeyerMichael Auret (Spier Films)
Maggie Monteith (Dignity Films)
BLACK SAILS Season IVThe Pirates of New Providence Island continue their battle against ColonisationVariousPlatinum Dunes for STARZ
[Nina Heyns for Film Afrika Worldwide]
British period drama television series based on the best-selling memoirs of former nurse Jennifer Worth. Problems at a sister Mission take some of the staff to Africa.Sydney MacartneyNeal Street Productions, UK
Annie Tricklebank
[Adam Friedlander, Samantha Putter,Allan Shearer for Out of Africa]
OUR GIRL 2The second series of Our Girl follows the story of Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, who joins a small British detachment sent to help refugees and aid workers in the world's biggest refugee camp, near the Northern border of Kenya.Jan MatthysEric Coulter, Caroline Skinner and Tony Grounds
[Gail McQuillan-Out Of Africa]
OF KINGS AND PROPHETSOf Kings and Prophets is an ABC Television epic biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of the battle-weary King Saul, the resentful prophet Samuel and the resourceful young shepherd David -- all on a collision course with destiny that will change the world..VariousABC Studios, BoomGen Studios
[Advantage Entertainment]
April 2016

Archive 2015
OF KINGS AND PROPHETSOf Kings and Prophets is an ABC Television epic biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of the battle-weary King Saul, the resentful prophet Samuel and the resourceful young shepherd David -- all on a collision course with destiny that will change the world..VariousABC Studios, BoomGen Studios
[Advantage Entertainment]
April 2016
THE CROWNTV series telling the inside story of two of the most famous addresses in the world, Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street, and the intrigues, romances and machinations behind the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century. African segment only to be shot in Cape Town and KwaZulu-NatalStephen Daldry
(Philip Martin)
(Julian Jarrold)
Andrew Eaton, Andy Harries for Left Bank Pictures & Sony Pictures TV for Netflix
[Genevieve Hofmeyr, Moonlighting Films]
November 2015
NOEM MY SKOLLIEThe true story of  John Fredericks' rise above the gang culture of the Cape Flats to become a poet, storyteller and film maker. Screenplay by John Fredericks.Daryne JoshuaDavid Max-Brown, Moshidi Motshegwa of Maxi-D Productions for M-Net
THE SIEGE OF JADOTVILLEBased on the 1961 siege of 150 UN Irish troops led by Quinlan in the Congo after pro-western leader Moise Tshombe took control of the Katanga region and killed the Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba. In a show of extraordinary bravery, Quinlan and his battallion held out against a force of 3,000 local troops led by French and Belgian Mercenaries working for the mining companies.Richie SmythParallel Films and Out Of Africa Pictures official Irish / South African Co-Production
QUEEN OF KATWEThe story of Phiona Mutesi, a young girl from the slums of Katwe, Uganda who, with the help of her coach, Robert Katende, becomes a chess prodigy. Phiona is the youngest person ever to win the African chess championship.Mira NairESPN Films
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Productions
[Moonlighting Films]
July 2015
Season 3
The Pirates of New Providence Island face new threats from the expanding British Empire...VariousPlatinum Dunes
Film Afrika Worldwide
Series 2
Dominion is set in the year 25 A.E. In this transformed post-apocalyptic future, an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel, has waged a war of possession against mankind. The archangel Michael, turning against his own kind, has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel.Various Universal Cable Prods. and Bond Films
Film Afrika Worldwide
June 2015
Series 4 Eps 1
The police procedural drama series adapted from Swedish novelist Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels and starring Sir Kenneth Branagh. "The White Lioness" episode is set in South Africa and will be shot in and near Cape Town.Jonathan van TullekenLeft Bank Pictures  & BBC, UK
Yellow Bird, Sweden
[Out of Africa]
January 2015

Archive 2014

Family comedy. Mark and Greta, a career - minded couple, live in the bustling city of Berlin. They are in the prime of their lives with exciting new career opportunities on the horizon and no children to hold them back. Just when it seems things cannot get any better, Mark receives a phone call...

Jan Markus LinhofTwo Oceans Productions (Cape Town)
Film77 (Germany)
ROSAA fun family comedy set against the beautiful backdrop of Cape Town. Rosa has left her home in Germany to attend the wedding of her oldest friend, Mark, as his wedding planner and witness.Michael KarenCo-Production:
Two Oceans Productions, Cape Town
Wiedemann & Berg Television GMbH  Germany
Season 3
The hilarious bomb disposal team is back - again! More gallows humour interspersed with the reality of a nasty war...David Sant (UK)Michelle Farr for BBC Comedy
[Out of Africa, Cape Town]
THE LAST FACETwo doctors fall in love while doing humanitarian relief in an African war zone. The lovers have different philosophical outlooks and are forced to deal with the difficult decisions they have to make - for themselves and for their patients.Sean Penn[Genevieve Hoffmeyr for Moonlighting]
November 2014

[Name]=[South African Facilitating Company]
THE WRONG MANSBumbling council workers Sam Pinkett and Phil Bourne try to extract themselves from the unlikely web of crime, conspiracy and corruption they got themselves into during the highly successful first series.Jim Field SmithBBC Two with
[Gail McQuillan for Out Of Africa]
TREMORS 5Burt Gummer returns as the leading expert on ASSBLASTERS and GRABOIDS and how to exterminate them. He finds himself in South Africa, where an environmentally irresponsible gold mining operation has awakened these dormant burrowing creatures - to the despair of local villagers and game farm owners.Don Micheal PauUniversal
[Moonlighting Films]
Nate Arbinger, a gifted shoe designer, is forced to break free from a family who want to cheapen his art for their own commercial gain. Overbearing mother Irene hires a psychotherapist and a ‘muse’ to lure Nate back to work.Steven Shainberg[Anton Ernst]
GRZIMEKBased on the life story of  Bernhard Grzimek, (1909 -1987) director of the Frankfurt zoo and passionate ground-breaking environmentalist. Grzimek and his son Michael undertook many expeditions into Africa, filming documentaries and through a number of nature-orientated television programmes, created a wider awareness of the need to protect the wilderness.Roland RichterProducers:  Fabian Maubach,
Oliver Lueer,
[Giselher Wenske & Andrea Pienaar for Two Oceans Productions]
July 2014
DOMINIONBased on characters from the 2010 feature Legion, Dominion follows the perilous journey of a rebellious young soldier who discovers he's the unlikely savior of humanity amidst battles between good and evil angels in what used to be Las VegasRick Jacobson
Et al
Michel Litvak, David Lancaster and Tom Lieber for Bold Films
[Meryl Schutte, Cheryl Eatock for Film Afrika, Cape Town]
Season 2
The pirate adventure centers on the tales of Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his men and takes place twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island."VariousPlatinum Dunes
Film Afrika Worldwide
OUR GIRLThis five-part series will follow an eighteen-year-old girl from a poor area of London during her first deployment as an army medic in Afghanistan. Molly Dawes encounters life-changing experiences which affect the way she deals with her dysfunctional family when she returns home on leave. Former East Enders actress Lacey Turner stars as Molly Dawes.Anthony PhilipsonKen Horn, BBC
[Samantha Putter & Gail McQuillan for Out Of Africa]
May 2014
Archive 2013
UNFRIENDA dark take inspired by the generally unthinking way in which users of social media feed every aspect of their lives into the internet.  The occult and the internet intertwine in this otherwise classic story of the mysterious, misunderstood social outcast.Simon Verhoeven & Philip KochWiedemann & Berg
SA Co-Producer :  Two Oceans Productions
LADY GREYSet in and around a Catholic Mission Station near the town of Lady Grey in contemporary kwa-Zulu Natal, the story follows the lives of various people connected in some way to the Mission. Zulu, white and mixed race, they live in a kind of idealised New South African context, but each has been affected by a violent incident during the growing pains of the new country.Alain Choquart[Theresa Ryan van-Graan for Moonlighting Films SA]
SAF3 Series created by Tai Collins & Gregory J. Bonann. (Baywatch)
An elite multi-agency task force, SAF 3, consists of the cream-of-the-crop from Malibu Lifeguard, Firefighter and Coast Guard agencies. Each episode will feature rescues involving these specialists led by their reluctant leader, Lifeguard John Eriksson. (Dolf Lundgren)
Phil Scarpaci
Gary Capo
Gregory J. Bonann
Gregory J. Bonann, USA
Michael Murphey, Kalahari Pictures RSA
BLUESTONE 42 Series 2 Second season of a popular BBC comedy series about a Bomb Disposal Squad in Afghanistan. Iain MacDonald BBC Comedy
[Out of Africa]
December 2013
SOLO FLIGHT The African portion of a Feature / Documentary about Elly Beinhorn, an adventurous German solo aviatrix and pioneer of civil aviation. Christine Hartmann [Giselher Wenske & Bertha Spieker for Two Oceans Productions]
A Viking Saga
Action filled journey across the bleak and inhospitable,Scottish Highlands. A small group of Vikings have escaped a usurper king and set sail looking for bounty which will buy them their freedom. Claudio Faeh [Gizelher Wenske for Two Oceans Productions]
November 2013
ECHO BEACH Thriller set in South Africa. A young couple slides into an unplanned serial-killing spree. Two Policemen with a lot to prove must overcome their own prejudice to unravel the truth. Jyoti Mistry Florian Schattauer for Shadowy Meadows
BLACK SAILS An action-packed period pirate drama series from the makers of Spartacus Various Michael Bay for Starz Entertainment
[Nina Heyns for Film Afrika]
THE SALVATION A classic period Western - one wronged man against corruption and terror - but there's a contemporary sting in the tail! Filming in the Magalies mountains near Johannesburg Kristian Levring Sisse Graum Jřrgensen & Michael Auret, for Zentropa (Denmark) and Spier Films (SA)
THE ROAD TO FREEDOM An epic story of a large group of oppressed Prussian artisans and their families who cross the Atlantic enticed by the promise of owning land in Texas. They do not realise that the small group of accompanying aristocracy and military intend to establish a similar aristocratic and oppressive ruling system in America. Rainer Matsutani Two Oceans Co-production with
Weidemann & Berg
 for SAT1 Germany
June 2013

HOE DUUR WAS DE SUIKER Set on the sugar plantations of Dutch Colony, Surinam, around 1747 our story follows the lives of the Dutch Colonists and their slaves. It is a time of social turmoil and the slaves are increasingly rebellious about their lot. Runaways join up with a band of “Marrons” in the jungle and there are several bloody encounters. It's a rolling, epic tale of love, lust, passion and betrayal in a time of great social upheaval. Jean van der Velde

Richard Claus for Spier Films, SA

April 2013
Archive 2012
FINAL FLIGHT Based on Richard Feynman's book What do you care what other people think? It tells of the political intrigue surrounding the Challenger 3 disaster. James Hawes Laurie Borg
[Theresa Ryan Van Graan for Moonlighting Films]
BLUESTONE FOUR-TWO A comedy about a Bomb Disposal Squad in Afghanistan. It is a show about soldiers really enjoying being soldiers. Iain B. MacDonald Michelle Farr, BBC Comedy
[Gail McQuillan for Out of Africa Pictures]
ZULU A girl's badly beaten body is found in the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Ali and his team of detectives unravel a case which involves drug gangs on the notorious Cape Flats and malevolent ex-apartheid scientists. Jerome Salle Frederic Doniguian and Richard Grandpierre
[Lobstertree CT]
December 2012

STRIKE BACK III Created by Chris Ryan (The One That Got Away)
An action drama set in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Somalia. Section 20 begins to move Westward across Africa, but they are not the only ones looking for the nuclear bomb triggers....
Bill Eagles, Paul Wilmshurst, Michael Bassett Producer: Trevor Hopkins for Left Bank Pictures, UK
[Out of Africa
Entertainment,  CT]
BEAVER FALLS II Season 2 - the Brits are back at Beaver Falls summer camp and rearing for another summer of mischief much to Bobby's annoyance. He’s determined to make sure they have the summer from hell. Lawrence Till (UK)
Benjamin Caron (UK)
Andrea Dewsberry for
Company Pictures &  Instinctive Films
[Gail McQuillan for Out of Africa Pictures]
BOETIE & THE BEAST South Africa's highest grossing film personality, Leon Schuster, mixes corrupt politicians, the reality TV craze, a national obsession  with racism, big game poaching and schoolboy humour to come up with a script littered with social comment - when you can stop yourself laughing in spite of yourself! Gray Hofmeyr Helena Spring - Keynote Productions
September 2012

Archive 2011
The story of how model Tippi Hedren became a Hollywood star and one of "Hitchcock's blondes". We follow Tippi's turbulent journey through the making of The Birds and Marnie, having to cope with Hitchcock's desperate and lusty infatuation. Julian Jarrold (UK) Amanda Jenks  (UK)
[Moonlighting Films]
Location :  Cape Town
Dark Thiller.  After the unexpected death of his ornithologist mentor,  Jonathan Anselme decides to continue with the trip they had planned for him – to follow the storks on their migratory path to Africa.  As he sets off on his epic journey, it seems that death follows him along the way. What other secrets do the storks carry? Jan Kounen EuropaCorp Television
[Moonlighting Films]
KIDNAP & RANSOM II Hostage negotiator Dominic King's life becomes traumatic and complicated when the local Kashmir  police interfere in his efforts to secure the release of the Metha family, since they do not believe in negotiating with 'terrorists'. David Drury Producer: Trevor Hopkins for Projector Pictures / SKY1
[Out of Africa
Entertainment,  CT]
AMBASSADOR II - White Gold The Ambassador and his daughter become involved with illegal ivory poachers, corrupt politicians and poverty stricken farmers. He is instrumental in catching the poachers, exposing the corruption and improving the lot of the local farmers Sigi Rothemund U 5 Film Produktion, Germany
[Two Oceans Productions]
LION GIRL When Jo falls seriously ill on his farm in Africa, his estranged family return to Africa to persuade him to come back to Germany with them, but old relationships and family tragedies bedevil the trip. Lena must first find a way to rediscover her childhood gift for communicating with the lions before she can address the traumatic events of her childhood. Stefanie Sycholt Brigid Olen - DO Productions & German Co-production
October 2011

A wealthy KwaZula Natal sugar dynasty deals with the tensions arising from adapting to the New South Africa and skeletons in the family closet. Peter Goldsmid Margaret Goldsmid - Southern Exposure
VEHICLE 19 The thriller follows Paul Walker (Fast and Furious, Takers) as an innocent bystander who becomes entangled in a world of  deadly Police corruption when he picks up the wrong rental car. His unexpected and unwilling passenger is a  committed young prosecutor, played by  Naima McLean. Mukunda Michael de Wil The Picturetree, Johannesburg
THE BORROWERS TV Special, BBC TV Feature Film, Based on the well known collection of children's stories, The Borrowers, with Stephen Fry in the lead as Prof. Mildeye. Tom Harper  (UK) Radford Neville, (UK)
[Moonlighting Films]
STRIKE BACK II Created by Chris Ryan (The One That Got Away)
An action drama set in Cape Town. Section 20, a British elite Intel unit, are still on the trail of terror suspect, Latif
and it seems that the stakes are rising. 
Alex Holms et al Producer: Trevor Hopkins for Left Bank Pictures, UK
[Out of Africa
Entertainment,  CT]
September 2011

Archive 2010
WINNIE Darrel James Roodt
THE SISTERS Adaptation of James Joyce's "Women In Love"
ZAMBEZIA Animated Feature film, written by   Andrew Cook, Anthony Silverstone  Raffaella Delle Donne Wayne Thornley Triggerfish Productions
Cape Town
SNIPER-RELOADED "SNIPER: RELOADED" is the fourth installment of the ‘Sniper’ franchise, following further adventures of a fictional US Marine specialist, played by Chad Collins, with Billy Zane, Annabel Wright, Richard Sammel. Claudio Faeh Producer: Peter Nelson for Screen Gems, Sony Pictures
[Nina Heyns: Film Afrika]
A MILLION COLOURS This home-grown feature film is based on the lives of Muntu Ndebele and Norman Knox, the child-stars of the 1975 South African feature film e'Lollipop (aka Forever Young, Forever Free)
.Lead Cast :   Wandile Molebatsi, Jason Hartman, Stelio Savante
Peter Bishai Andre Pieterse, Cloverleaf Films
KIDNAP & RANSOM The film examines the growth industry of international hostage taking. K&R promises to be more than just another well-made BBC crime mini series - the moral dilemma faced by negotiators is very real and quite topical. Andy Wilson Producer: Trevor Hopkins for Projector Pictures / BBC
[Out of Africa
Entertainment,  CT]
AFRICA UNITED A heartwarming story about a group of kids trying to get from Rwanda to South Africa for the Soccer world cup. Three friends set off to take part in trials to be in the opening ceremony  – only to get on the wrong bus and start the journey of a life time.
Locations: Rwanda, Kenia, Zambia, Uganda, Johannesburg
Debs Gardner Footprint Films (UK) in association with Pathe International, Link Media, BBC, National Geographic and Out of Africa Films.
[Out of Africa Entertainment, Jhb.]
PROTECT THE NATION Sizwe (8), tries to find the good in the people around him. He witnesses Xenophobic attacks and gets drawn into them, but  a strange twist of fate forces him to face his actions and do some soul searching. Candice Reisser Niama Filmproduktion, Stuttgart
[Enigma Films, Cape Town]
STRIKE BACK An SAS sortie into Iraq goes badly wrong when the commanding officer believes he has caused the death of his comrades.  Given a chance to redeem himself, our flawed hero returns to Iraq on a rescue mission. Daniel Percival
Ed Hall
Andrew Benton
[Out of Africa, Jhb.]
THE SINKING OF THE LACONIA In 1942 a Cunard liner requisitioned for war service was torpedoed and sunk by a U-Boat in the south Atlantic while carrying nearly three thousand people, including some 1800 Italian prisoners of war. The U-Boat launched a major attempt to rescue survivors sending a distress call in plain English. The British could do nothing, and the Americans sent a Liberator Bomber from a secret base on Ascension Island to attack the rescuing submarines. Uwe Janson Teamworx (Germany) &  Talkback Thames (Uk)

[Two Oceans Productions]
THEMBA The Eastern Cape countryside – a picture-postcard area of South Africa - hides a reality that is far from idyllic. The land and it’s people are scarred by  Aids and poverty, education is minimal, work and food are practically non-existant. We follow young Themba and his family as they struggle to come to terms with enduring hardships, alleviated by his skill as a soccer player. Stephanie Sycholt

German co-production with DO Productions as THEMBA PICTURES (PTY) LTD

Brigid Olen / Carole Prentice
May 2010

2009 - 2010
(Airs from February 2010)
13 part TV Drama series. Set in contemporary Johannesburg, a friendship between three women from vastly different backgrounds is strengthened by a search for love. It’s social realism writ large with a twist of humour. Written by Anita Khanna Alex Yazbek
Amanda Lane
Neal Sundstrom
Anita Khanna & Walter Ayers
Uhuru Productions for SABC 2
INVICTUS The film tells the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of  South Africa's Springbok rugby team to help unite their country. Starring: Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon
Adapted by  Anthony Peckham from John Carlin's book "Playing The Enemy"
Clint Eastwood Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
[Genevieve Hofmeyr for Moonlighting Film Makers]
THROUGH AFRICA IN A BRIDAL DRESS The discovery of a legendary sacred diamond "The Nebula of Namanga" leads to a rambunctious chase across an African country involving a motley collection of  bad guys, an innocent Missionary, vulnerable orphans - and a jilted German bride who bumps into her first love now drifting around the African bush trying to do good. Sebastian Vigg

Action Concept Film und Stuntproducktion GmbH

[Meryl Schutte for Film Afrika]
THEMBA The Eastern Cape countryside – a picture-postcard area of South Africa - hides a reality that is far from idyllic. The land and it’s people are scarred by  Aids and poverty, education is minimal, work and food are practically non-existant. We follow young Themba and his family as they struggle to come to terms with enduring hardships, alleviated by his skill as a soccer player. Stephanie Sycholt

German co-production with DO Productions as THEMBA PICTURES (PTY) LTD

Brigid Olen / Carole Prentice
BUSH STATION Anne is a doctor working at a small Bush clinic in Africa.  When her estranged husband, Martin, comes to see her there, he gets a lot more involved than he hoped to be, both at the clinic  in his personal life. Axel Bart German Co-production
Theuns de Wet for Film Afrika]
MRS MANDELA The life and hard times of Winnie Mandela, ex wife of Nelson Mandela, starring Sophie Okonedo as Winnie and David Harewood as Nelson Mandela Michael Samuels, from his own script Diverse Productions UK for BBC Drama
[Out Of Africa Picture Company]


South African actress Eloise Cupoido, who has already acted in English, Afrikaans, and French , adds another German role to her repertoire!  Sybille Tafel

Ruben Engel

MASTER HAROLD AND THE BOYS Screenplay by Nicky Rebelo, adapted from  the play by Athol Fugard
Cast: Frankie Highmore (Hally), Ving Rhames (Sam), Patrick Mofokeng (Willy)
Lonny Price Malcolm Kohll UK.
[Spier Films]
SONG FOR THREE WOMEN A truly family affair! Revel Fox directs his real life wife and daughter, Roberta Fox and Sannie Fox with singer Busi Mhlongo in a drama charting the reconstruction of a family destroyed by addiction. Revel Fox Shadowy Meadows:
Florian Schatthauer
Jyoti Mistry-Schatthauer
December 2009

ANGEL Two-Part mini-series set in an oil-rich African country, shooting in Johannesburg & Kwa Zulu-Natal David Attwood Susie Liggat for Tiger Aspect (UK) for BBC
[Meryl Schutte for Film Afrika]
(Every Dog has his Day) Release 20 March 2009
Veteran South African Producer Johan Heyns makes his Directorial debut with a robust, raunchy, rollicking adventure with acutely observed characterisation.  Set largely in a small South African town. Johan Heyns Johan Heyns
Fevertree Productions
(Released Dec 2008, achieved Golden Film status in Holland)
Deals with the Child Soldier issue. Filming in Uganda and in Port St. Johns, on the east coast of South Africa. Jean van de Velde Richard Claus (Holland)
(Released Dec 2008 - First weekend out-grossed James Bond)
Further adventures of Leon Schuster's alter-ego in his own - very popular - brand of comedy...
Location: Johannesburg & Durban
Gray Hofmeyr Helena Spring for
Videovision Entertainment (RSA)
SCHWEITZER Fictionalised account of a period in Albert Schweitzer's life when he endured an American-led campaign to discredit him due to his involvement with Einstein's objection to developing the atomic bomb. Giselher Venzke, Two Oceans Productions, Cape Town
From across the world, Coronation Street's "mother from hell" bullies her way into ten Million UK households again. (Coronation  Street Christmas Special for DVD release)
CRUSOE Thirteen episode TV series, based on the legendary novel by Daniel Defoe, this is the tale of Robinson Crusoe, a young man who is shipwrecked on a remote tropical island for 28 years. Sean Bean, Sam Neill, with Philip Winchester as Crusoe. Duane Clark Justin Bodle (Power, UK), Michael Prupas (Muse)  for NBC
[Genevieve Hofmeyr for Moonlighting Film Makers]
February 2009

(Released on BBC TV
Behind the scenes during the lead up to Nelson Mandela’s release from prison a Political game was played for very high stakes. Based on the book “The Fall of Apartheid” by Robert Harvey.  William Hurt playing Professor Willie Esterhuyse and Chiwetel Ejiofor taking on Thabo Mbeki. Shooting based in Cape Town and partly in the UK Pete Travis
(“Vantage Point”)
Hal Vogel - Mentorn Media Ltd
David Aukin, Executive Producer
[Nina Heyns - Film Afrika]
(Shooting completed)
A neuroscientist, Ella, returns from self-exile in Germany to the Rooibos tea farm where she was born. The funeral of her sister forces Ella (Hannelore Hoger) to confront a story she has been running away from most of her life - a story  of interracial love and friendship in Apartheid South Africa - and also of the indelible links between mothers and their children.
Location: Clanwilliam & environs. (Cape)
Rainer Kaufmann Selma Brenner - UFA for ZDF (Germany)
[Marlow de Mardt-DO Productions South Africa]
(Released on HBO)
Seven part Miniseries for HBO based on the book by Evan Wright. Tells the story of Bravo Company, First Recon Batallion, who spearheaded the invasion of Iraq and earned the nickname "First Suicide Batallion" Susannah White
(Eps 1-3 +Ep7) Simon Cellan-Jones (Eps 4-6)
Company Pictures UK
for HBO
[The Out Of Africa Picture Company]
(Released as "DIAMONDS")
The lure of great wealth underpins the illegal diamond trade. We follow several story lines of people whose lives are dependent on, dictated to and controlled by these infinitely desirable precious stones. Andy Wilson Co Production UK/Canada/SA Sienna Films Toronto & Philo Films SA
SKIN The true story of Sandra Laing, a coloured child born in the 1950s to two white Afrikaners who were ignorant of their black ancestry. The film follows Sandra’s thirty-year journey from rejection to acceptance, betrayal to reconciliation, as she struggles to define her place in a changing world . Anthony Fabian Elysian Films Margaret Matheson for Bard Entertainments
[Genevieve Hofmeyr & Phumi Mashigofor Moonlighting Film Makers]
(Gouwden Kalf Award 2008)
Just before his wedding, a world-famous Director is confronted with an African teenager who claims to be his daughter. To find proof, he travels back with her to the place where he once shot a "Help Africa" commercial and arrives as a rebellion is breaking out. Paul Ruven Palazzina / Dutch Mountains
[Endemol South Africa]
(Sundance January 2008)
Meg Ryan & William H. Macy in a romantic comedy /somewhat cynical spoof on international film production, set partly in South Africa. Screenplay by William H. Macy & Steven Schachter. Steven Schachter
DogPond/Sydnyk Works & Muse Entertainment.
[Moonlighting Film Makers]
10,000 YEARS BC
(Worldwide release 8th March 2008)
Roland Emmerich's (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) new epic adventure movie. Casting in South Africa and Egypt so far for principal photography in New Zealand & Namibia.
Roland Emmerich Michael Wimer / Sony Pictures
[Christian Sawyer at Moonlighting Film Makers]
July 2008

THE WORLD UNSEEN From the novel by by Shamim Sarif. The world of a ttraditional young Indian mother is turned upside down.when she meets the rebellious Amina who confounds the Indian community by driving a taxi and setting up a cafe with a black man. SHAMIM SARIF DO Productions
Co-Production TBA
A “doccie-drama” (flash-back / reconstruction) telling the story of the formation of a highly organized soccer league on Robben Island during the early 1960’s.
FIFA rules were adhered to and the seriousness with which they approached the game underpinned the social impact that it had on prison life.
(Helena Spring / Anant Singh)
THE DEAL Meg Ryan & William H. Macy in a romantic comedy /somewhat cynical spoof on international film production, set partly in South Africa. Screenplay by William H. Macy & Steven Schachter. Steven Schachter
DogPond/Sydnyk Works & Muse Entertainment.
[Moonlighting Film Makers]
DOOMSDAY Post-Apocalyptic thriller set in a virus-ravaged Scotland in the year 2038. Script by Neil Marshall Neil Marshall Benedict Carver / Peter McAleese  (Rogue Pictures, UK)
[Moonlighting Film Makers, Cape Town]
LES DEUX MONDES Leading French comedic actor,   BENOIT POELVOORDE plays the role of Remy, a suburban husband who runs into one set back after another in his career as an art restorer. He escapes from his troubles into a whacky world of his own, but eventually learns to take control of his life. Daniel Cohen

Two Worlds Productions / Mnp Entreprise / Gaumont
[Co – Producer: David Wicht,

LULLABY A deeply caring mother leaves an easy life in America to rescue her drug-addicted son from Nigerian Drug Lords in Johannesburg's tough cosmopolitan Hillbrow area. Script by Norman Milborrow. Darrel James Roodt Gold Studios, Anton Ernst / Kerry Gregg
A film adaptation of the Romeo Dallaire autobiography Shake Hands with the Devil. The book details the personal journey of Dallaire through the 1994 Rwandan genocide and how Dallaire's request for more aid went ignored by the United Nations. Shot on location in Rwanda
Roger Spottiswoode
Dalliere Productions / Halifax Film Company, Canada
JOZI-H Gritty TV drama series set in a busy Johannesburg hospital Anne Wheeler
Kelly Makin
George Mihalka
Alfons Adetuyi
Thabang Moleya
Dumisani Phakathi
Revel Fox
Neal Sundstrom
Co-Production - Morula Pictures [RSA] Inner City Films [Canada]
PRIMEVAL Horror story set in Rwanda, central Africa Michael Katleman Wyatt Film Productions [USA]
[Film Hiring Services - RSA]
ER in Africa
Popular US TV series. Episodes dealing with the crisis in Sudan

Based on the abortive attempt by British mercenary Simon Mann, with the alleged help of Mark Thatcher, to carry out a Coup 'd etat in Equatorial Guinea
Simon Cellan Jones
Jo Wright for BBC Film
[The Out of Africa Picture Company]
Historical Drama inspired by the cataclysmic eruption of  the volcano on the island of Krakatoa. Filmed around Durban in Kwazulu Natal province and in Madagascar.
Sam Miller
Alan Eyres - for BBC Science
[Richard Green - Struck By Lightning Films - Durban]
British comedy series. English comedian David Schneider leads a local cast in a series of absurd comic romps.
Julkian Kemp [uk]. Andy Rowley [uk]. Littlebird Company Ltd. [uk/RSA]
Leon Schuster's latest hit comedy, released during November and doing very well - as usual!
Gray Hofmeyr
Anant Singh / Video Vision
Darrel James Roodt's ("Yesterday") latest "little gem" , following the life of a woman who supports her sons by begging at traffic lights. An adventurous little film made in the style of silent movies and using Caption Cards instead of dialogue.
Darrel James Roodt Helena Spring / Anant Singh for Video Vision
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III Initial Casting in Ghana and South Africa, but Cruise's other commitments led to the Production being rescheduled and moved to Europe
JJ Abrams Cruise-Wagner Productions [us]
Paramount Pictures [us]
TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH Based on William Golding's novels, this three-part Mini-series portrays life aboard a ship on a journey to Australia in 1812. David Attwood Tightrope Productions [uk]
BBC [uk]
[Out Of Africa Pictures RSA]
LORD OF WAR Nicholas Cage stars as an arms dealer being chased by an Interpol agent in this damning look at international complicity in the arms trade which inflicts war on small nations for personal gain. Andrew Niccol Ascendant Pictures [us]
Entertainment Manufacturing Company [us]
Saturn Films [us]
VIP 3 Medienfonds [de]
[Reeleyes RSA]
THE INTERPRETER Political intrigue and deception unfold inside the United Nations, where an interpreter overhears an assassination plot Sidney Pollac Interpreter Productions LLC [us]
Working Title Films [gb]
Misher Films [us] Warner Bros.
[Moonlighting RSA]
WHISKEY ECHO Four part series set in a foreign aid clinic in Southern Sudan. Harry Hook Littlebird Company Ltd. [uk]
Barna Alper Productions [can]
THE FALL An injured stuntman deals with his anger at the prospect of paraplegia by telling a story of dark fantasy to Alexandria, a little girl in the same hospital. He weaves the girl into the story, which reflects his downward spiral toward suicide, until Alexandria demands a say in the story because she is in it. Tarsem Singh Tarsem Singh
[Made In Africa RSA]
WAH - WAH Richard E. Grant draws heavily on his childhood in Swaziland for this bittersweet look at Colonial society Richard E. Grant [Reeleyes RSA]
CHARLIE JADE This science fiction TV series, set in Cape Town half-an-hour into the future, raises questions about how we manage our planet and our society Various Jadejons Inc. Canada
[Imaginarium RSA]
MAN TO MAN Joseph Feinnes and Kirstin Scott-Thomas as nineteenth century anthropologists who hunt and capture pygmies for study back in Europe, in an attempt to illustrate the link between man and ape Régis Wargnier  Vertigo Productions Pty. Ltd. [au]
EASTERN BRIDE A globe trotting IT hot-shot and  his cynical TV journalist girlfriend's lives are changed by their encounters with persecuted Christians from the Middle-east to China Iain Morris Kharis Productions Glasgow
[Du Marc]
RED DUST Oscar winner Hillary Swank plays an exiled South African lawyer who returns to participate in a Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty hearing. Tom Hooper
BBC [uk]
Videovision [rsa]
aka "Untitled Carol Ballard Project"
A farm boy undertakes a journey to return his pet cheetah to the wild
Carol Ballard
Gaylord Films [us]
John Wells Productions [us]
Pandora Pictures
A Zebra dreams of winning the Kentucky Derby, aided and abetted by various farmyard animals
Frederick Du Chau
Alcon Entertainment [us]
South African actress PAMELA NOMVETE stars with IDRIS ALBA and DEBRA WINGER in this HBO Movie exploring the human impact of  genocide in Rwanda. Shot on location in Rwanda
Raoul Peck
HBO Films [us]
Independent SA Feature. Arnold Vosloo seeks absolution from his victim's family after receiving amnesty from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Ian Gabriel
Giant Films / DV8 [rsa]

January 2008

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