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Emmy Award Nominee 2009
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Cape Town & Johannesburg
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(B.A. L.T.C.L.)
Independent Casting Director, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taught Drama and Movement at primary and high school level, Technikons, Colleges and the University of Durban-Westville before running two drama and dance studios in Durban and Pietermaritzburg.
    I joined the film industry in 1985, gaining experience in the production office as well as on set as an A.D. Established since 1987 as South Africa's Leading freelance Casting Director for features and television drama as well as occasional "performance" Commercials.
    Special projects have included: exploratory casting for "Harry Potter", looking for the beautiful Helen of Troy for "Trojan War" as well as two of the "James Bond" features; Dialogue coaching Kathy Bates for the film of Athol Fugard's "The Road To Mecca"; Scouring Southern Africa for the Bushman in Disney / Amblin's "A Far Off Place".
    I've also enjoyed working  with final year film students, notably Michael Harmon on "Wheels & Deals in Soweto" and Jennifer Ussi 's short film "The Unique Oneness of Christian Savage" which collected numerous international awards.
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Not many men get paid by their wives to look closely at the Talent! 
    Ex DOP / Writer / Director Digby Young dropped out of Pretoria University and the Pretoria Onderwyskollege (Teacher Training College) in 1973 to hop on the shiny new SABC TV bus, part of the first group of crew trained under BBC & Thames TV instructors. In spite of nearly being fired as a “Kommunis”, he eventually became Principal Film Cameraman.
    The prospect of a desk job scared him away to Helsinki, Finland, where he freelanced as a DOP on commercials for two years while writing his first film script. A short trip back to South Africa in 1981 to shoot the film became permanent when the film collapsed and local TV Drama contracts piled up six months in advance.
    He then co-wrote several TV series for the separate and not at all equal “Black” TV channels while directing hundreds of TV commercials. Taking yourself seriously while selling frozen chicken is a mental-health hazard, so he seized the opportunity to become second unit cameraman on the BBC “Rhodes” series and other international productions.
    Six weeks of helping his Casting Director wife Christa Schamberger-Young set up her studio turned into a whole new career.
Hailing from Moloto, North-East of Pretoria, Ben Tjibe is a bit of a "Da Vinci Child".. Ben Tjibe edit.JPGHe has built his own computer from second-hand parts and taught himself how to use it. He is also a self-taught musician, illustrator, designer and graphic artist. In the film industry, he has been employed as a Storyboard Artist for the feature films “How to Steal Two Million” and  “The Short Cut” and has also worked on a promotional comic book for the movie "Max & Mona."
Ben worked with Christa as Casting Assistant / Technician while setting up M-Net’s soap "The Wild" and later progressed to the position of Assistant Editor. He is now based at our Studio, but is keen to gain a variety of experience across the industry.
See Ben's artwork at Deviant Art or on My Space . (Links should open in a separate Tab)
Will Morrison
Will was Digby's Assistant Cameraman at the SABC some time during the last Century! He left to return to Teaching late in 1979, but the pair freelanced together on TV Dramas again during the mid Eighties before William returned to teaching until his retirement in  2007. He tracked us down via our web site while visiting family in Ireland, and now Christa values his calming influence on fraught days in the Studio.

Our Audition Readers
One of the ways in which we strive to provide a supportive audition environment is to use professional actors as "Readers". Being a good audition Reader requires sensitivity, generosity and above average acting skill.  We try to use Readers who are not eligible for any of the roles being auditioned - however, the pool of suitable volunteers is small.

In cases where an artist is also eligible for one of the roles - or is asked to audition by a Director prepared to re-think the role - the Reader's own audition is scheduled for another day, for which another Reader is used if at all possible. This policy ensures that the Reader has time to change their "head space" to concentrate on the role as an Actor and helps allay fears of favouritism.

Although a small gratuity is paid to Readers, most make themselves available because they discover that being a Reader - especially at Call Backs - is a fantastic opportunity to work with a variety of Directors with an international profile. Even first-round auditions provide a unique opportunity to observe and learn from a variety of actors they might not normally get to work with.
Some of our stalwart Readers

Richard Lothian
Reader Richard Lothian.jpg
Cape Town
Vere Tindale
Reader Vere Tindale.jpg
Cape Town
Melissa Haiden
Melissa Haiden.jpg
Cape Town
Damon Berry
Reader Damon Berry.jpg
Amy Young
Reader Amy Young.jpg
Cape Town
Brendan Murray
Reader Brendan Murray.jpg
Cape Town
Nandi Horak
Reader Nandi Horak.jpg
Cape Town
Brett Williams
Reader Brett Williams.jpg
Cape Town

Stephen Ndlovu was assigned to Digby as a Trainee during the massive BBC production of  RHODES in 1995. It very soon became clear that Steve was an enthusiastic and dedicated learner, so within a week he became clapper/loader to our second unit. Generous by nature, he was also the perfect conduit to pass on his knowledge to the other trainees. He revealed a natural talent as an operator and soon also took over our informal "behind the scenes" video camera, which led to Steve becoming our very first Studio camera operator.
After several years we lost Steve for the best of reasons - he moved on to Assist and Load on feature films and television series, but we still keep in touch - for those times when we need Steve's special talents.
We have sent Steve into the hinterland on several projects, including 10,000BC and the story of Sarah Bartman.
Steve's patience, gentlemanly manners and respect for other cultures make him the obvious choice - not to mention his thoroughness and perseverance! 
Steven NdlovuWeb.JPG

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