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News and Highlights - 2017
June 2017
Delayed Update
I really dislike out-of-date web sites and here I am sneaking in the first update since September 2016, when "Noem My Skollie" was nominated as the South African entry to the Foreign Film category of the Oscars. Sadly, we didn't get the Academy's nomination to be in competition, but "Skollie" continued to do well at the box-office and at Festivals.

Since then, we have worked on no less than thirteen television series and feature films, leaving very little time to maintain this web site. Other factors have also impeded my ability to present a "newsy" site, leading to a re-assessment of the very nature of our site in the months ahead.

We have always had a policy of not publishing details about productions which are not already in the public domain
, but studio Non Disclosure Agreements have become more onerous. This is particularly limiting when it comes to giving credit to South African actors cast in foreign productions. There is probably a case to be made in our Constitutional Court, but I have no desire to argue the point with a London or Hollywood Lawyer.

The nature of television production has changed in ways which add to the work load of Casting Directors. With few exceptions, the days of starting a production with a full set of locked-down scripts appear to be over. It is not unusual to start casting with only two scripts of a series and then waiting with bated breath for  the next episode - and the inevitable re-writes. This often results in wasted time, effort and budget when roles disappear or are changed to an extent requiring a re-cast.
The Hot Topic emerging as a theme for scripts is, unsurprisingly, Refugees, Migrants or Displaced Persons - whichever of the various terms you prefer. Although South Africa has a wide range of ethnicities - and a sizeable population of Immigrants or Displaced Persons - they are not actors and require sympathetic handling to be able to do the small roles available. Luring marginalised people out of the nooks and crannies they take refuge in also requires more time and patience.

Just to keep us on our toes, we moved to a new studio over a week-end in February 2017. The change required steady nerves on our part and frantic effort on the part of our new Landlady, while we metaphorically roller-skated after moving goal-posts on several productions. The legendary - and now mythical - "Winter Season Break" is just not happening again this year, so we have not had time to take photographs yet, but I hope to update the Studio page before the end of 2017, possibly on a completely re-engineered web site.

Until then, just a list of completed productions since September 2016:
On The Run German MOW
Outlander 3 UK/US Series
Big Friend LF German MOW
Tremors 6 US Feature
Premium Nanny German MOW
Kilimanjaro German MOW
Crown II UK TV Series
Tomb Raider US/UK Feature
Indian Detective Canadian/SA TV Series
Transformers US Feature
Stolen Truth aka Secrets German MOW
The Last Post UK TV Series
Strange New Things UK TV Pilot

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