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News and Highlights - 2012
September 2012
Where did the Year Go?
If we thought that 2011 was an odd year, we clearly had no idea what 2012 had in store for us! The continuing wobblies in the world economy have inevitably had an effect on the film industry in South Africa; our currency has see-sawed, financing has been difficult and budgets generally have become tighter. The result of all this has been a year in which several of our projects have gone "on hold", while others have had to be serviced at the last moment within a shorter time frame, leaving little time for niceties such as updating our web site.
Well, here it is at last... The Big Announcement...
We Move Our Base To Cape Town!
So, the time has come (the Walrus said) to leave this place. . . .

So it's official.   I will be based in Cape Town from September, initially planning to work out of the slightly revamped studio in Black River Office Park, Observatory.
Since I need to have access to good audition studio facilities in both cities, I am keeping my studio in Highlands North and will continue casting in Johannesburg as the need arises. 
Ben Tjibe will operate as my Johannesburg studio and edit manager while Dominika Jablonska and Taryn Nightingale will hold the admin fort . The studio will be available for hire by other casting directors.
Whilst this has all happened very quickly, we have been debating this possibility for some time. Most of my international work has been coming out of Cape Town for several years and with the possibility of working on “Black Sails” for at least a couple of months, comes the opportunity to ease the challenge of a move!
CT StudioFix_958web.jpg
The first  step was to install an upload-friendly background. Black River Studio Front Of House assistant Dan Strydom and Studio Manager Steven Macfarlane solved the problem quickly and economically over a week-end.
CT StudioFix_959web.jpg
The textured carpet background gave video compressors unnecessary work to do, resulting in degraded rendition of the actors faces and huge video files.

Dan & Stephen apply the first coat of neutral grey paint to the background. Chosen to match the grey of a photographic test-card, this shade ensures more consistent exposure of the wide range of skin tones of our actors across ethnic groups.

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